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    Reid™ SwiftLift™ Lifting Anchors, Clutches and accessories make lifting concrete components easy, efficient and safer during transportation, rigging and lifting of precast concrete elements.

    The SwiftLift system utilises a fully engineered approach combining cast-in lifting anchors, recess formers, and custom-fitting lifting clutches. Using the SwiftLift system results in fewer failures, saving time and costs due to damage or construction delays.


    1.3t & 2.5t Foot Anchors are manufactured from high tensile steel for added strength.


    The range includes:

    • SwiftLift™ Combination Anchors
    • SwiftLift™ Eye Anchors
    • SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors
    • SwiftLift™ Void Formers
    • SwiftLift™ Lifting Clutch

    SwiftLift™ Combination Anchors
    SwiftLift Combination Anchors feature a combined foot and eye. When used with a reinforcing hanger bar they are able to provide deeper anchorage and increased load capacity in thin wall or low strength concrete elements. The cutout foot and saddle like moulded eye opening provide support for the reinforcing hanger bar. All SwiftLift Combination Anchors comply with AS3850.1:2015 (+A1 2019).

    SwiftLift™ Eye Anchors
    SwiftLift Eye Anchors are higher load anchors which provide deeper anchorage and increased load capacity in thin wall or low strength concrete elements. They are ideal for bridge beams and other heavy precast concrete elements. All SwiftLift Eye Anchors comply with AS3850.1:2015 (+A1 2019) .

    SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors
    SwiftLift Foot Anchors are the most versatile and widely used anchors in the SwiftLift range. Available in a wide range of Working Load Limits (WLL), all SwiftLift Foot Anchors comply with AS3850.1:2015 (+A1 2019) . Consistent with the Reid commitment to local testing, SwiftLift Foot Anchors have been extensively tested in Australian concrete comprising of over 500 individual tests, and consuming approximately 150 tonnes of concrete.

    SwiftLift™ Lifting Clutches cover the full SwiftLift range from 1.3t to 32t WLL.
    SwiftLift Clutches have been designed so that they cannot spontaneously disengage whilst the system is under load at any orientation, provided they are correctly connected to the head of the correct anchor in the recess. When the lift is complete and the load released, the SwiftLift Clutch is quickly and simply disengaged.

    SwiftLift™ Void Formers
    Rubber, Steel and Articulated Void Formers are available to suit the range of anchors in the SwiftLift family.

    File Type File Description
    Reid Clutch Discard Criteria AUS BulletinsThis discard criteria provides very important product and safety information critical for inspecting Reid™ SwiftLift™ & Edge Lifting Clutches on an ongoing basis.
    Reid_SwiftLift Lifting Eye Clutches_LEs_AS3850 Compliance Doc_AUS Compliance DocumentsReid SwiftLift™ Lifting Eye Clutches, from 1.3t to 32t WLL comply with AS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019)
    Reid_SwiftLift Foot Anchors_AS3850 Compliance Doc AUS Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™Foot Anchors comply withAS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019)
    Reid_SwiftLift Combination and Eye Anchors_ AS3850 Compliance Doc_AUS Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™ Combination & Eye Anchors comply with AS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019)
    Reid AUS Lifting Systems Compatibility Guideline EducationalReid AUS Lifting Systems Compatibility Guideline. Reid™ SwiftLift™ Lifting Systems comply with S 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019) Please refer to the relevant Compliance Document for further information regarding these systems
    Reid Lifting Anchors Installation Guide AUS Installation GuidesInstallation process for the Reid Lifting system product range
    RCS_Civil Market Offer Product Guide Product GuidesRCS_Civil Market Offer Product Guide
    File Type File Description
    ramsetreid Precast Solutions Product Guide 2019 Product GuidesOverview of products available from Reid for the Precast market.

    SwiftLift™ Combination Anchors

    SwiftLift™ Combination Anchors:

    1REA0501.3t x 50mm SwiftLift Combination Anchor
    1REA0651.3t x 65mm SwiftLift Combination Anchor
    2REA0902.5t x 90mm SwiftLift Combination Anchor
    5REA0905t x 90mm SwiftLift Combination Anchor
    5REA1205t x 120mm SwiftLift Combination Anchor
    SwiftLift™ Eye Anchors

    SwiftLift™ Eye Anchors:

    10EA18010t x 180mm SwiftLift Eye Anchor
    20EA25020t x 250mm SwiftLift Eye Anchor
    32EA30032t x 300mm SwiftLift Eye anchor
    SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors

    SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors:

    1FA045H1.3t x 45mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    1FA055H1.3t x 55mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    1FA066H1.3t x 66mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    1FA085H1.3t x 85mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    1FASS0851.3t x 85mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor SS316
    1FA120H1.3t x 120mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    1FA240H1.3t x 240mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    2FA055H2.5t x 55mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    2FA075H2.5t x 75mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    2FA090H2.5t x 90mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    2FA120H2.5t x 120mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    2FA170H2.5t x 170mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    2FASS1702.5t x 170mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor SS316
    5FA0755t x 75mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    5FA0955t x 95mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    5FASS0955t x 95mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor SS316
    5FA1205t x 120mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    5FA1705t x 170mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    5FASS1705t x 170mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor SS316
    5FA2405t x 240mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    10FA15010t x 150mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    10FA20010t x 200mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    10FA34010t x 340mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    10FASS34010t x 340mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor SS316
    20FA25020t x 250mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    20FA34020t x 340mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    20FA50020t x 500mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor
    32FA70032t x 700mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.

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