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    Spartan is the complete Precast Formwork solution.

    The Spartan Formwork System brings innovative, smart technology to the precast yard and allows imagination the freedom of full expression in the physical structure.

    Central to the Spartan Formwork System is the Titan™ Magnet Clamp and Spartan Sideform. Together, these products provide unparalleled levels of accuracy, flexibility, efficiency and safety to precast yards.
    Features & Benefits:

    Spartan Sideform is the only system that enables precasters the flexibility of incremental changes in height with the simple change-over of capping. The Spartan Rubber Base Insert provides a silicone-free seal between the bed and formwork to prevent concrete bleed – eliminate the material and labour costs associated with the silicone application and removal processes. 

    The new Spartan Internal Corners provide quick and easy set up of penetrations including doorways and windows in precast panels, allowing the precaster to eliminate use of expensive and environmentally harmful polystyrene.

    Spartan Sideform is manufactured from ultra lightweight, highgrade 6082 and 6005A Aluminium Alloys which provides durability and strength. Spartan Sideform will not bend or buckle and can withstand job site use and abuse. The Titan Magnet Clamp is the industry’s most powerful. It’s ultra compact design saves space and enables precasters to maximise the working area of a steel bed.

    The Titan Precast Magnet Clamp’s de-magnetising plate safely secures the magnet to prevent it from unexpectedly engaging on the steel bed – minimizing the risk of fingers or other limbs being caught under the magnet. Spartan Sideform’s innovative aluminium design is significantly lighter than traditional steel formwork, improving OH&S and making it much safer to use.
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    Reid Spartan Product Guide 2019 Product GuidesThe following document contains important user information with regards to the Spartan Formwork System.
    Titan 3 Magnet Service Kit & Instructions BulletinsThis step by step guide will assist you in successfully servicing your Titan 3 magnet to further your investments lifespan in the precast yard.
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    ramsetreid Precast Solutions Product Guide 2019 Product GuidesOverview of products available from Reid for the Precast market.

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years. Reid construction systems 91Vz7!tq2 587 tls