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    Critical to the success of any high-rise project is hitting timelines. Repeatability and the ease of application of specified products is key to deliver efficiency, productivity and project timelines.

    ReidBar™ offers three reinforcing continuity systems for jump form construction: ReidBar Poly Board, ReidBox™, and Rebox™.

    ReidBar™ Poly Board Connection System 
    ReidBar Poly Board Connection System is the simplest way to place ReidBar™ fittings quickly and accurately, and can be re-used many times in concrete pours.

    ReidBox™ Connection System
    ReidBox™ provides an economical rebate solution using ReidBar™ fittings for in-situ and precast/tilt-up construction, including floor and wall connections.

    ReBox™ Pull Out Box Connection System
    Reid™ Rebox™ System is manufactured from pre-bent Grade 500 N TEMPCORE reinforcement bars neatly packed and sealed inside a dimpled galvanised steel rebate box with smooth close-fitting galvanised lid.

    For more information, check out the Reid Contruction Systems Commercial Construction Catalogue.

    Features & Benefits:

    ReidBar™ Poly Board Connection System 

    • Features such as nail holes, jacking nuts, and chamfered edges, make placement and stripping is a breeze.
    • Reid™ Rebate Board Connection System is ideal for applications with plenty of repetitions, such as for typical levels on a jump form construction.

    ReidBox™ Connection System

    • The ReidBox™ system comprises of a plastic rebate former with removable orange plastic lid that seals the ReidBox™ when placed against the formwork, and allows easy access for stripping.
    • The ReidBar™ fittings are secured to the ReidBox™ using ReidBar™ nailing plates, and all components are designed as consumables for single use.

    ReBox™ Pull Out Box Connection System

    • The Reid™ Rebox™ is easily attached to formwork and/or the reinforcing cage.
    • After the concrete has been poured and the formwork stripped, the design of the Rebox™ allows for easy opening of the unit and access to the reinforcement bars ready for deployment.
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