ReidBar™ Grout Sleeves

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    The ReidBar Grout Sleeve System provides a full strength splicing solution for reinforcing bars allowing reinforcing continuity between load-bearing precast concrete elements.

    The ReidBar Grout Sleeve System is engineered for the task, and unlike spiral ducts & grouted tubes, require no modification, reducing production and installation costs, and eliminating error. The system is supported by technical assistance at every stage, face-face-training, procedures and checklists that take the guesswork out of construction.

    Backed by thirdparty accredited quality, the ReidBar Grout Sleeve system can be depended on, whether you’re manufacturing precast concrete panels or installing on-site. Being independently certified, they enable designers to create efficient construction joints between precast concrete elements with confidence.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Using Grout Sleeves eliminates the need for any starter bars protruding from precast elements, that are liable to be damaged or bent during transportation, and provides ease of handling on site.
    • Develops full ultimate strength of the bar in ten bar diameters rather than forty bar diameters with duct or lapped slices.
    • Can provide full cantilever moment connections at the base and top of precast columns and walls.
    • Used in critical stress zones.
    • Eliminates cover issues with lapped bars.
    • Removes the need for in-fill pours between precast elements. 
    • Speeds up construction by reducing the requirement for poured insitu joints.
    • Grout sleeves are available in all bar sizes 12, 16, 20, 25 & 32.


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    M_ReidBar Grout Sleeve AUS DWG Digital DownloadsM_ReidBar Grout Sleeve AUS DWG
    M_ReidBar Grout Sleeve AUS RFA Digital DownloadsM_ReidBar Grout Sleeve AUS RFA

    Reid™ Grout Sleeve

    Reid™ Grout Sleeve:

    Part No.Suits
    Depth (mm)
    Bar Thread
    Depth (mm) (B)
    Grout Sleeve I.D (mm) (C)Grout Sleeve
    O.D (mm)
    Grout Port
    Dia. (mm)
    Overall Length
    (mm) (F)
    Nom Grout
    Vol (ml)
    RB12GSRB12130 ± 204028-4046-5821200200
    RBA16GSRB16170 ± 2044.5325021240200
    RBA20GSRB20204 ± 2060406021290350
    RB25GSRB25254 ± 2080487021360550
    RB32GSRB32300 ± 20109557526445900

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years. Reid construction systems 91Vz7!tq2 587 tls