Reid™ RapidBrace™

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    RapidBrace is a cast in solution primarily designed for fixing brace feet bracket of concrete wall panel braces in low strength concrete.

    The internally threaded Rapid Foot is cast into the floor along with the void tube, designed to accept RB12 ReidBar “bolt” to secure the brace feet bracket.

    RapidBrace is fully tested to AS 3850:2015,

    RapidBrace Key Features:
    • High strength brace anchoring in low strength concrete • Improved floor cycle times from earlier panel / steel erection
    • Achieves nominal 500N grade Reidbar steel strength in low strength concrete
    • Full conformance to AS3850.1:2015
    • Tested to AS3850.1:2015 Appendix A in concrete < 12MPa
    • Ductile Brace Anchor System • Compliance testing for installation in composite slab (steel tray decking)
    • Guidance for Post tensioned slab installations
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    Reid RapidBrace Compliance Document Compliance DocumentsAS3850:2015 Compliance Document for the RapidBrace System.
    ramsetreid Commercial Construction Product Guide 2020_AUS Product GuidesOverview of products available from ramsetreid for the Commercial Construction market.
    RapidBrace Installation Guidelines – Sept 2018 Installation GuidesThis document covers the installation guidelines for the RapidBrace System.
    File Type File Description
    ramsetreid Precast Solutions Product Guide 2019 Product GuidesOverview of products available from Reid for the Precast market.

    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years. Reid construction systems 91Vz7!tq2 587 tls