Ramset™ OrbiPlate™

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    Ramset™ OrbiPlate™ overcomes the major headache that comes with bolted connections, getting the holes to line up! The methods traditionally used to overcome this were time consuming, costly and often structurally inadequate.

    The patented OrbiPlate™ system is used when connecting steel to steel or steel to concrete elements and delivers connection tolerances of up to 20mm around the centre of the connection. It also provides the ability to achieve fine locational accuracy when positioning each steel member. OrbiPlate™ is quick and easy to install. The steel member is supplied to site with a pre-formed hole (70mm), which can be punched or cut at the centre of the connection location. The main washer is then placed over the hole, rotated to locate the slot over the ferrule, then secured using the class 8.8 bolt through the small washer.

    For more information on Ramset™ OrbiPlate™, head to the Ramset website: https://ramset.com.au/product/orbiplate/

    Features & Benefits:

    • No lost time.
    • No hot work, either blowing out holes or welding.
    • No call outs when connections don’t line up.
    • OrbiPlate locks in place.
    • Fine positional adjustment allows accurate positioning of each steel member.
    • OrbiPlate provides a high capacity structural connection*.
    • Utilises readily available Reid™ Elephant Foot™ ferrules for steel to concrete connections.
    • OrbiPlate is made from high tensile steel. 
    • Hot Dip Galvanised finish.
    • It is comprising of two washers (one large and one small) and is supplied with a M16 or M20 class 8.8 bolt.
    • Capacity is limited to either the ferrule cast into the concrete or the class 8.8 bolt*. 


    * For use with a greater fixture thickness, please consult your local Project Engineer.


    Reid™ has been a trusted construction industry supplier for over 100 years.

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