SwiftLift™ EdgeMaster™ Anchor

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    Consistent with the Reid™commitment to local testing, SwiftLift™ EdgeMaster™ have been extensively
    tested in Australian concrete.

    Analysis of the subsequent test data in accordance with AS3850.1:2015 (+A1 2019) Appendix
    A results in EdgeMaster™ having Working Load Limit capacities that are far higher and more accurate than those simply calculated using the CCD method applicable for footed anchors.


    The patented EdgeMaster™ System allows the use of 2LE SwifftLift™ Lifting Eye while protecting the element from concrete spalling.

    AS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019) Compliant

    File Type File Description
    Reid_SwiftLift EdgeMaster_AS3850 Compliance Doc_AUS Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™ EdgeMaster™ comply with AS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019)
    ramsetreid Commercial Construction Product Guide 2020_AUS Product GuidesOverview of products available from ramsetreid for the Commercial Construction market.
    Reid Lifting Anchors Installation Guide AUS Installation GuidesInstallation process for the Reid Lifting system product range

    Reid SwiftLift EdgeMaster Anchor

    Reid SwiftLift EdgeMaster Anchor:

    Part #Description
    2EMFA170R2.5t Swiftlift Edgemaster Assembly

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