SwiftLift™ EdgeMaster™ Anchor

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    Consistent with the Reid™commitment to local testing, SwiftLift™ EdgeMaster™ have been extensively
    tested in Australian concrete.

    Analysis of the subsequent test data in accordance with AS3850.1:2015 (+A1 2019) Appendix
    A results in EdgeMaster™ having Working Load Limit capacities that are far higher and more accurate than those simply calculated using the CCD method applicable for footed anchors.


    The patented EdgeMaster™ System allows the use of 2LE SwifftLift™ Lifting Eye while protecting the element from concrete spalling.

    AS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019) Compliant

    File Type File Description
    Reid_SwiftLift EdgeMaster_AS3850 Compliance Doc_AUS Compliance DocumentsReid™ SwiftLift™ EdgeMaster™ comply with AS 3850.1:2015 (+A1:2019)
    ramsetreid Commercial Construction Product Guide 2020_AUS Product GuidesOverview of products available from ramsetreid for the Commercial Construction market.

    Reid SwiftLift EdgeMaster Anchor

    Reid SwiftLift EdgeMaster Anchor:

    Part #Description
    2EMFA170R2.5t Swiftlift Edgemaster Assembly


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