Nox-Crete Deactivator

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    DEACTIVATOR chemically reacts with the alkalies in concrete to instantly prevent fresh concrete from bonding and to gradually soften existing concrete buildup. Applied daily before use, DEACTIVATOR prevents adhesion and accumulation of concrete buildup on treated surfaces


    • Chemically softens concrete buildup and prevents adhesion and buildup on treated surfaces.XXMakes chipping hammers and chisels obsolete.
    • Will not harm rubber hoses or damage painted metal surfaces.
    • Concentrated petroleum based formulation can be either diluted or used full strength.
    • DEACTIVATOR is petroleum based. DEACTIVATOR Eis water based. DEACTIVATOR E is also available in a concentrated version which is shipped in short-filled containers.
    • Will not wash off in rain.
    • DEACTIVATOR E is Green Engineered™ – better for health and the environment.XXNon-flammable.
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