Nox-Crete Blast Off

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    Nox-Crete BLAST-OFF contains powerful naturally derived molecules which are extremely effective at dissolving concrete build-up and splatter without damaging or corroding exposed steel, chrome, aluminium or electrical components.

    Eliminates costly damage resulting from the use of sandblasters or chipping hammers, increasing the life of expensive capital equipment. It is water based and readily biodegradable allowing it to be used and disposed of safely on several work sites.


    • Contains a concentrated organic acid derived from sugar cane and sugar beets
    • Extremely fast-acting formula quickly dissolves concrete splatter and hardened build-up
    • Small molecular size allows deep penetration into the heaviest build-up
    • Water based and readily biodegradable (90% in 7 days)
    • Contains no mineral acid and is odour free
    • Produces a thick, rich foam that clings to vertical and overhead surfaces for increased effectiveness
    • Will not corrode steel, aluminium, magnesium, copper or damage plastic, fiberglass or rubber surfaces
    • Requires use of a Nox-Crete Pump Foamer
    • Vivid pH-sensitive purple dye indicates product is still working
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