Nox-Crete Bio-Clean Plus

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    Citrus based concrete stripper Bio-Clean Plus is a powerful, water-dilutable stripper with a formulation to deeply penetrate concrete floor and wall surfaces. The result is safe and effective removal of most surface contaminants.

    Use it to remove most curing compounds, tilt-up bondbreakers, paints and coatings. Bio-Clean Plus’s fast-acting formulation also removes bondbreaker and curing compound residue. Lastly, after cleaning, all that remains is a pleasant citrus and pine scent.


    Fast acting formula quickly and effectively removes curing compounds, tilt-up bondbreakers, paints and coatings from concrete fl oor and wall panels.
    Concentrated formula can be economically diluted with water according to specifi c needs.
    100% biodegradable, non-toxic—safer and more effective than other conventional solvent based strippers.
    High solvency and slow drying formulation ensures deep penetration and thorough removal of all coating residue.
    Fresh citrus and pine scent.

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